Bilbao, headquarters of the European net for economic development Eurocities

On the past 26th to 28th of October, Bilbao served as the headquarters for “Diálogo sobre Urban Living Labs, Talento e Innovación N-Hélice”, an event regarding innovation, talent and undertaking belonging to Eurocities; this is the European net destined to the promotion of economic development among different European cities. Representatives of around 20 cities participated in the event, which had the objective of allowing the sharing of knowledge, learning and experience-exchanging in a wide variety of fields. This time, as host to the event, Bilbao held a double role: the presentation of successful urban policies implemented locally, as well as learning from measures with a successful outcome in other cities. 

The proposals discussed in the event will follow three main areas: the presentation of the Urban Living Labs proposal and the role played by public administrations; the investment on professional education, which is centered in the attraction and maintenance of talent in the area of advanced services; and the presentation of the N-Hélice project. This last area covers the varied interactions between universities, industry, government, citizens and  the environment, all centered in knowledge sharing; the organization holding the headquarters for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Bilbao – BBK Kuna – also participated in the event.

Through this exchange of knowledge and experience within the event, Bilbao aimed to offer, in constellation with the 2030 Agenda, solutions to the challenges of the future; these include the aging of the population and the solitude of the elder, climate change, the technological revolution, the transformation of cities and migration. 

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