Sovereignty in Europe: Specialists advocate for setting standards for territorial conflict resolutions

Coflictos Soberania

Under the framework of  “Sovereignty Conflicts in Europe: Bases for a Solution” international conferences, organized by Eusko Ikaskuntza (Basque Studies Society) and the Institut d’Estudis Catalans (Catalan Studies Institute), Bases for the elaboration of a code of good practice aiming to strenghten the European project and the links between the…

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Indigenous languages: Knowledge and hope

lenguas indígenas unesco

For indigenous peoples, languages not only identify their origin or membership in a community, they also carry the ethical values of their ancestors – the indigenous knowledge systems that make them one with the land and are crucial to their survival and to the hopes and aspirations of their youth.

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Terrorism Is Over. Now Spain Needs Lasting Peace

A car bombing that killed two national policemen in the village of Sanguesa in northern Spain in 2003 was attributed to the Basque separatist group ETA.CreditRafa Rivas/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images BILBAO, Spain — Last week, in the small town of Cambo-les-Bains in the Basque region of France — just…

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Utopia for Realists

Is Rutger Bregman the heir of Thomas More, author of Utopia? Fives centuries later both authors have something in common. Both defend the view that money should be free and available for citizens. Bregman, a young  Dutchman philosopher and writer goes even further, he wants a world without borders. His…

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TRUMP: ¿Politics or Show…?

La política siempre ha tenido algo de espectáculo, pero desde que Donald Trump maneja los destinos del país más poderoso del planeta esta se ha convertido en sub-espectáculo. Ética y estética van de la mano, lo mismo pasa con sus mensajes y el medio (Twiter) que utiliza para darlos a…

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