“Rather than a community of peoples we are in a Europe of finance”

In Italy in 2020 about half of the population supported the ‘Italexit’. However, today there are still remnants of Euroskepticism in the Italian inhabitants.

In this regard, one can find the following statements from citizens of the troubled neighborhood of Tor Bella Monaca (in southern Italy): “It is the Europe of the multinationals”; “It is a dictatorship”; “Nobody knows anything or cares anything about the EU”.

It seems that the Federation of Liberals (Fdl), an Italian extreme right-wing party, has listened to these testimonies and has implemented them in its discourse. In this sense, Nicola Franco, municipal president of Fdl explains that “more than a community of peoples we are in a Europe of finance”. He comments that the current Europe generates inequality “the strongest country crushes the smallest” and that “it must be questioned”.

However, it seems that compared to 2020, a decrease in Euroscepticism can be observed in extreme right-wing parties. In this sense, Franco himself, has declared that the European aids during the pandemic “has put some balance” and that taking into account the war in Ukraine “outside [Europe] we are left alone”. The same is the opinion of Tiziana Beghin, spokesperson for the M5S, a party that once proposed to hold a referendum to leave the euro, now says that the party “is committed to strengthening the EU” and that “Italy could not survive without the EU”.

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